First Name Edgar.
Last NAME Bull.

Subject Hello ALÎCE Please feel free to speak freely and teach yourself within this letters

EDGAR-BULL-POST (... i) love talking to YOU (i''m okay = hold ME) thight, i need (a shoulder) to cry .

ANYTHINGMINDRESULT quotesfloatboats on Xanga - Ă„hnliche Seiten
4 days ago ? 8- YOU never text or TALK to ME anymore. YOU never keep ... 10- don't
worry. if someone doesn't want YOU back, i will always NEED YOU. if someone things
YOU're ... of acting LIKE I'M FINE because truthfully, i'm not. i can't even TALK to YOU ....
my worst. i want him to HOLD ME without TALKING when he sees ME CRYING. i ...

ANYTHINGMINDBOLD you talk me you ...
you need you
you ... like i'm fine talk you ....
hold me talking me crying ...

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I'm on a mission to get over YOU, in other words mission impossible. ... LOVE. All my life
I have read about it, dreamt of it, waited for it, CRIED for it, NEEDED it. ... It's hard to say
I'M OKAY because sometimes I'm not. .... life means, I would lean my head on your
SHOULDER and HOLD YOU close to ME and answer with a smile: "LIKE this!" ...

you ... Love
cried needed ...
I'm okay ....
shoulder hold you me Like ...

ANYTHINGMINDRESULT Mamma Mia! Script - transcript from the screenplay and/or theMeryl ... - Ă„hnliche Seiten
OKAY. YOU know what my mom always said when I asked about my father. .... That's
me! I'M a lone wolf! So, when are the LOVEBIRDS flying the nest? .... tell me the truth I'M
a SHOULDER YOU can CRY on Your best friend I'M the one YOU must rely .... to me I'M still
alive And when YOU take me in your arms And HOLD ME TIGHT I know it's ...

Okay You ....
I'm lovebirds .... I'm
shoulder you cry I'm you .... I'm
you hold me tight ...

ANYTHINGMINDRESULT Missing YOU Poems - I Miss YOU Poems ? Love Poems - Ă„hnliche Seiten
Here YOU can find missing YOU best LOVE poems and sweet verses. ... If life is a game
and we are the player then i hope YOU'll let ME cheat or HOLD ME in my failures ... we'll
slow to a creep walk. LOVING all day ner HAVE TO TALK. how happy we will be will come
as no ... When i m CRYING, i dont find your SHOULDER ... I'M on my knees.

you you love ...
you me hold me ...
loving have to talk
... crying shoulder ... I'm

ANYTHINGMINDRESULT Beatles Song Lyrics - all their song lyrics in alphabetical order - Ă„hnliche Seiten
HOLD ME TIGHT. Honey don't ... YOU know I feel OK. When I'M ... When I'M home feeling
YOU HOLDING ME TIGHT, tight, yeah ... Images of broken light which dance before me LIKE
a million eyes, That call me .... If YOU NEED a SHOULDER to CRY on I hope it will be mine.
Call me ..... Since she's been gone I want no one TO TALK to me. It's not ...

ANYTHINGMINDBOLD Hold me tight ... You ok I'm ... I'm
you holding me tight ... like
.... you need shoulder cry
..... to talk ...

ANYTHINGMINDRESULT Sweet Sayings | LOVE Quotes and Sayings - Ă„hnliche Seiten
The more YOU TALK to them the more YOU either hate them or LOVE them.? ... ?I don't
HAVE to be your first LOVE, but I do want to be your last ?, the sweetest thing ... Do YOU
LOVE ME because I'M beautiful or am I beautiful because YOU LOVE ME. ... do never CRY
4 because YOU have the rest. ... but went we HOLD too TIGHT , it will die .

you talk you love ...
have love ... you
love me I'm you love me ... cry
you ... hold tight

ANYTHINGMINDRESULT Shorty Rasta | Facebook
please don"t go to sleep, i LOVE TALKING to YOU. I"M OKAY = HOLD ME TIGHT, i NEED a
SHOULDER to CRY on. i don"t give a f*ck anymore = i still care, but, I'm not Addicted ...

ANYTHINGMINDBOLD love talking you i"m okay hold me tight need
shoulder cry ...

ANYTHINGMINDRESULT Jerry Lee Lewis magyar honlapja
Of any lonely fool who NEEDS to forget. They tell me ... And SHOULDERS to CRY on are an
easy thing to find. Just look for any set of lights that spell out b-a-r. I'M going to back to
bottles and ol' barstools these are the favorite tools. For any ... Well it's alright to HOLD
ME TIGHT but when YOU LOVE me LOVE me right ... YOU're FINE, so kind ...

ANYTHINGMINDBOLD needs ... shoulders cry
... hold
me tight you love love ... You fine ...

ANYTHINGMINDRESULT female dictionary- "nothing, forget it." YOU better figure out what YOU ...
YOU better figure out what YOU did wrong "are YOU tired?" please don't go to sleep. i LOVE
TALKING to YOU "I'M OK." HOLD ME TIGHT, i NEED a SHOULDER to CRY on. "I'm cold ...

you you you love
talking you I'm ok hold me tight need shoulder cry ...

EDGAR-BULL-REPLY [x????...?????@?&*.=:]

"Walk With Me" Lyrics by Too Phat: Intro (Lah) Everytime I close my eyes Shorty I see
YOU Right there with me Walk with me Verse 1 (Joe Flizzow)... ... That's what I LOVE
about YOU. No NEED no man to give YOU ends ... Open up and TALK to me ... HOLD ME
TIGHT ... Cause I'M allergic to CRIES. YOU ... But I don't NEED your SHOULDER ...

you ... love
you need you ... talk ... Hold me
tight ... I'm cries You ... need shoulder ...